What Things You Would Find in a Bakery Department?

Updated February 21, 2017

Bakeries, like their products, differ largely per location. Many grocery stores have bakeries, which most often are less extensive than businesses that are established solely for a bakery purpose. Some bakery owners pride themselves on making everything from scratch, while others order many frozen or pre-made products that can be heated and served for quick sales. However, regardless of bakery type or policy there are items that you are sure to find in most every bakery.

General Breads

Loaves of bread are available an any general bakery. Many bakeries carry a wide variety of breads. Some of these are hearty wheat or multi-grain styles and others a variations of the white bread variety, such as sourdough. Bread styles also come in many options as some are baked so that they have a rough or hard exterior and a dough or soft inside. Some bread, such as baguettes, are used for dipping in soups or cheese or cream-based dips.


Sweets are likely to make up a large portion of bakery sales. Some bakeries have signature brownies or cookie styles for which they are known. Most bakeries offer cakes and pies in a variety of sizes and types. Generally, bakeries will make speciality items, such as birthday cakes, to order with an advance notice. Speciality items often are higher in price than the general sales items. Speciality orders can be placed in most bakeries if you are looking to purchase a large quantity of an item.


Day-old items are also available in many bakeries. The term "day -ld," refers to the products such as scones, muffins and Danishes, that may be of best quality on day one, and not as fresh on day two. However, many day-old items are still quite tasty and usually half the price of the more fresh items. These types of items are only saved in most places for just that amount of time, and aren't sold after their two-day freshness expires.

Pet Treats

Some bakeries offer a small selection of pet bakery treats. Usually these are reserved for private bakeries, and even speciality bakeries. However, many people enjoy treating their pets as family and the pet bakery item idea can be a profitable one. Most often the pet items consist of peanut butter and a few other neutral ingredients that are ideal for most dogs or cats. Pet items usually come in the form of biscuits or cookies. Ask about the ingredients in the item before you purchase one for your pet.

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