Tree Stump Projects

Updated July 20, 2017

When the tree in your yard gets cut down, you are left with choices: Dig up the stump or turn it into a crafty tree masterpiece. Tree stumps can be a versatile way to show off your artsy side or your green fingers, all while reusing a resource that costs nothing. Show your friends with some tree stump projects the next time that tree in your yard comes down.

End Table

On warm, sunny days, many homeowners spend time outside in the garden, porch, or patio. If you are a crafty, nature-wise homeowner, you can take an unwanted stump, and make yourself the perfect end table. Stumps already have the perfect tabletop, or you can make your stump table have a glass or smooth, thin wooden top. If you have some old shutters, they might be the perfect table top across two close stumps.


By planting your favourite spring and summer flowers in a garden planter, you can more easily control the spread of weeds. However, if you have a hollowed out tree stump in your backyard, and do not want the hassle of digging the monster up, you can fill the hollowed stump with some potting soil, then select an array of your favourite flowers to plant inside. If you have a stump with a few holes, or you drill some of your own, a little potting soil and some succulents or other such plants could go inside.

Art Pedestal

Turn that old stump into a showcase for art. It could be the perfect spot for a signature piece you want to show off to passersby. By sitting a sculpture on top of the stump, you instantly transform it into a garden pedestal.

Water Feature

A stump left behind may be the perfect tool to create the water feature you have dreamed of in your garden. If you have a pre-existing pond, you can simply place the stump inside and rig a standard pond fountain pump up so the water flows over or out of the stump. Without a pond, you can still achieve a desirable water feature, but it make take a bit more planning and creativity. If you dig a water container into the ground, you can then set the stump and pond fountain pump up inside, before decorating your new water feature with flowers, rocks, bricks and other items.

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