Bad Consequences of Video Games

Written by mona almobayyed
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Bad Consequences of Video Games
Playing excessive amounts of violent video games could have bad consequences for your health. (James Woodson/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Experts say video games can have negative, positive or no effects at all on gamers. It all depends on your personality, the types of video games you play and the amount of time spent playing. Playing too much or playing violent video games can have negatively affect for your lifestyle, health, character and school performance. It is important to moderate your time spent playing and also the content of the video games you play.

Poor Lifestyle

Video games can be addictive and become the only thing the gamer thinks about, from the time they wake up until they go to sleep. This can hurt your relationships with your friends and family. If you are spending all your time playing games, you are probably not dedicating the amount of time necessary to build and maintain healthy relations with your loved ones. In addition, you are probably not getting anything else done. Instead of doing something productive like reading a book, doing chores or working, you could be prioritising video games. Video games can prohibit you from really experiencing life. Instead of taking a vacation, playing a sport or hanging out with friends, you might opt to be by yourself playing video games. If you are not careful, you can become isolated from the rest of the world and instead live in your own virtual reality.

Health Problems

Many experts have found that an increased amount of time spent gaming negatively affects your health. If you are playing games all day, you are probably not getting enough exercise. This can cause obesity. Other health problems can include video-induced seizures, postural, skeletal and muscular disorders, tendinitis, nerve compression, carpal tunnel syndrome, increased blood pressure and heart rate. Looking at the screen all day can cause eye stress and cataracts. Playing excessive amounts of video games is also correlated with mental health problems, such as social phobias, increased depression and anxiety levels.


Not all video games are violent, but children who do play excessive amounts of violent video games were found to have higher levels of aggressive thoughts, behaviours and feelings. Certain video games teach the wrong values, such as violence, vengeance and aggression. They do not encourage pro-social behaviours like helping or working as a team. If you play games online, you may be more susceptible to pick up bad language from other people and be exposed to online dangers.

Poor School Performance

Excessive gaming has negative consequences for your school performance. You might prioritise video games over homework and if you play violent games, the situation is worse, as you may take out your aggression on teachers or other students. Video games reduce creative thinking because you no longer exercise your imagination.

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