Flying brown bugs in the house

Updated November 21, 2016

Homeowners often find flying brown bugs inside their homes. Most insects wander indoors by mistake and do not usually bite or sting humans. However, the sight of flying brown bugs is often unnerving for many homeowners. Properly identifying insects in your home is key to removing them and keeping them outside where they belong.


Cockroaches are common indoor pests. Brownbanded cockroaches are 1/2 inch in length and males fly but females do not. Female brownbanded cockroaches are dark brown and males are light brown. Most adult brownbanded cockroaches live for six months. Leaf-footed bugs are unusual looking brown insects that come indoors by accident during the long, hot summer months. Most leaf-footed bugs are reddish-brown, 1/2 to 3/4 inches in length and fly when disturbed. These bugs received their name for their hind legs that are flattened and leaflike.


Cockroaches do not bite or sting, but they can carry diseases on their bodies. These insects often feed on food in our homes and some cockroaches feed on leather, wallpaper and fabric. Brownbanded cockroaches multiply rapidly, especially when they have an area to hide such as cardboard boxes or plant debris just outside the home. Leaf-footed bugs do not sting or bite humans and are not known to carry diseases. These insects can become a nuisance when flying indoors and can leave dark spots of fecal matter on furniture and curtains. Leaf-footed bugs exude a foul odour when disturbed, similar to stink bugs.

Cultural Control

Sanitation is key to keeping cockroaches and leaf-footed bugs at bay inside your home. Keep your sinks free from dirty dishes and do not leave food out at night. Be sure your doors have door sweeps that seal tightly against the threshold and remove any plant debris just outside your home. Avoid stacking cardboard boxes or magazines inside your home, as this provides cockroaches with a place to breed. Install yellow light bulbs in your porch lights, as white bulbs attract insects. Sweep leaf-footed bugs and cockroaches from inside your home or vacuum them up to remove them.

Chemical Controls

Insecticides for flying insects may help reduce leaf-footed bug infestations indoors. Cockroaches are best eliminated by placing baits around your home to kill them. Combining proper sanitation and insecticides is the key to keeping flying brown bugs from multiplying indoors and becoming a nuisance.

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