4th Grade Science Fair Projects on Tooth Decay

Updated July 20, 2017

Knowing what causes tooth decay will help everyone make good choices about eating and caring for their teeth. Decay occurs when bacteria eats through the outside of the tooth enamel leaving the surface soft and producing cavities. Science fair experiments show how different liquids affect the teeth and what toothpaste protects teeth best.

The Scientific Method

You must follow the scientific method for every experiment. Start with "Observation": What question do you want to know more about? Research:what is already known about your subject. Suggest an hypothesis: an educated guess about what you think will happen. Experiment with evidence that supports your hypothesis and arrive at a conclusion; state what you have learnt and decide if your hypothesis was correct.

Teeth Hurting Drink

As which drink hurts teeth the most and which liquid is the most damaging to your teeth. You will need: 4 cups, 4 large pieces of egg shell, sweetened tea, lemonade, milk and water. Label and fill the cups halfway with one liquid per cup. Put one piece of egg shell in each cup. Let the eggshell sit in the liquid for one week then remove and take a picture of the egg shell.

Repeat this procedure for two more weeks. After three weeks remove the egg shells from the liquid and record the final results. The egg shell that had the most damage shows which liquid is most harmful to your teeth.

Best Working Toothpaste

Find out which brand of toothpaste does the best job. Gather four different types of toothpaste, for example Crest, Colgate, Aim and Arm & Hammer, four hard-boiled eggs, four cups and vinegar. Coat the eggs with toothpaste, one type per egg. Label the containers with the type of toothpaste used. Fill the cups with enough vinegar to cover the egg halfway. Let sit for one week.

After a week remove the eggs and take pictures of each egg. Repeat this procedure for two more weeks, recording the results after each week. In three weeks remove the eggs and observe. The egg with the least damage shows the toothpaste that provides the most protection for teeth.

Most damaging Soda

Discover which soda does the most damage to your teeth. Get five teeth from an oral surgeon or dentist and five different sodas, for example Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Pepsi and A&W Root beer and five containers. Label the containers with the name of the soda (one per container) and fill to the halfway mark.

Place one tooth in each container and let it sit for a week. After a week remove the teeth and take a picture. Place the teeth back in the same containers and repeat the procedure for two more weeks recording the results each week. After three weeks remove the teeth. The tooth showing the most damage indicates the soda that is most harmful to teeth. Note if there was any difference between the regular and diet soda.

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