Types of Grease for Home Door Hinges

Updated July 20, 2017

Squeaky hinges are a nuisance to live with. They are usually either rusted or out of alignment. When someone moves the door, the pieces of the hinge grate against each other, causing the squeaking noise. Many types of lubricants work well to silence loud hinges. Before applying the grease, to close the door and remove, clean, grease and replace pins one at a time to keep the door from falling.

Motorcycle chain lubricant

Motorcycle chain lubricant works well for bicycle chains and for door hinges. Motorcycle chain lubricant is a high viscosity grease that will keep hinges lubricated for long periods of time. It sells in aerosol form for easy application. Spray on hinge pins before replacing. Wipe away any excess.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly has myriad uses, including quieting squeaky doors. Simply coat the hinge pin in petroleum jelly before replacing. Wipe the hinge clean of any excess petroleum jelly after replacing, to prevent dirt build-up. Open and close the door to help the petroleum jelly penetrate the hinge joints.

Plumber's Grease

Plumber's grease, also known as silicone grease, is waterproof and translucent. It is composed of silicone oil and a thickener. Plumber's grease effectively lubricates door hinges. Apply a small amount to the hinge pin, then replace.

Light Machine Oil/Sewing Machine Oil

Light machine oil will not thicken over time. 3 in 1 oil is a light machine oil. Use it to lubricate small machine parts such as those found in clocks. Sewing machine oil is lighter than light machine oil. Use both types of oil to lubricate door hinges. Simply apply the oil to the hinge pin.

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