Space Shuttle Crafts for Kids Using a Toilet Paper Roll

Updated February 21, 2017

Most young children are fascinated with anything to do with space. They love learning about the planets, stars, astronauts and the space shuttle. Whether you are planning a space unit for the classroom or throwing a space-themed birthday party for your child, children will think these space shuttle crafts made from toilet paper rolls are out of this world.


These space shuttle crafts made from toilet paper rolls use easy-to-find materials that you probably already have on hand. If you are planning to make the crafts with a group of children, be sure to plan ahead so that you have enough empty toilet paper rolls. You can also use paper towel rolls cut in half. If you are having trouble collecting enough rolls, just make your own out of card stock or construction paper. They won't be quite as sturdy, but they will get the job done.

You'll also need a few other common craft materials, like scissors, glue, construction paper and markers or paints. Aluminium foil, craft sticks, crepe paper streamers or tissue paper and cone cups are needed in some of the projects.

Space Shuttle Craft

Paint a toilet paper roll white or cover it in white paper. Paint a cone-shaped paper cup black. Then cut a large triangle out of white construction paper or card stock. Glue the toilet paper roll to the centre of the triangle so that the triangle looks like wings. Then glue or tape the cup to the top of the roll to make the point of the space shuttle. Glue strips of red tissue paper or red streamers sticking out of the bottom of the toilet paper to make the flames. Decorate the space shuttle with markers.

Space Shuttle Craft for Preschoolers

This space shuttle craft is easy enough for even very young children. Give each child a picture of a space shuttle on card stock to colour or paint. Help each child cut out his picture. Then have him glue or tape his picture to a toilet paper roll. Glue a few pieces of red, yellow and orange crepe paper streamers or strips of tissue paper to the inside of the bottom of the roll. Preschoolers will have fun flying these easy-to-make space shuttles.

Hubble Space Telescope

If you have extra toilet paper rolls, use them to make space telescopes to go with your space shuttles. Paint a craft stick grey or colour it with a grey marker. Cut two slits in the top of a toilet paper roll. They should be across from each other and go a little more than halfway down the sides of the roll. Slide the craft stick into the slits so that it sticks out evenly on either side of the toilet paper roll. Then cover the toilet paper roll with strips of aluminium foil. Cut two 4-by-4-inch squares out of brown or orange construction paper to make the solar panels. Fold each square in half and glue each one to one of the craft sticks.

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