What Kind of Yard Art Can You Make Out of Corrugated Tin?

Updated February 21, 2017

Don't discard leftover corrugated tin from your last roofing or home design project, use the decorative metal sheets to make yard art. Cut the tin sheets to size and shape using a circular saw or a band saw with a carbide tipped blade. Corrugated tin is also soft enough that you can cut it with tin snips to create fanciful outdoor art projects.


Corrugated tin paintings can camouflage an unsightly fence line, hang from sturdy limbs or stand freely in the yard. To paint corrugated tin, use exterior metal paint and a long nap paint roller or paint brush to cover large areas. A long nap roller inserts the paint between the grooves of a corrugated metal panel better than other rollers and faster than a paint brush. Cover small sections of the tin using paint brushes ranging from flat to angled to fine artist's brushes, depending on the design. After painting the background, trace or sketch an outline of the desired image onto the tin with a light pencil or marker. Fill in each section with acrylic or exterior latex paint.


Create whimsical yard art signs to decorate your property using corrugated tin panels, exterior paint and embellishments such as glass stones, craft metal cutouts and clay figurines. The ridges on corrugated tin panels are evenly spaced, so you can use them to your advantage by placing letters on top of side-by-side ridges. Paint the letters to make the sign --- stencils can help --- or glue flat-backed stones or craft metal cutouts onto the tin with waterproof construction adhesive to create the letter outlines.


Cover an existing wood or concrete sculpture, such as a planter or a birdhouse with corrugated tin. Cut the tin to fit the sculpture and then attach it to the substrate with waterproof construction adhesive. Talented metal artists can create metal sculptures from corrugated tin panels. After making the design cuts, artists assemble the metal sheets together using solder and a propane torch or soldering gun. Soldering the seams allows more flexibility for curving the corrugated metal into the desired shapes.


Create a decorative fountain for your yard with a corrugated tin panel, a sealed rectangular planter and a submersible fountain pump and some tubing. Stand the metal panel inside the planter; attach the metal to the back of the planter with waterproof construction adhesive. If the metal is top-heavy, position the planter against a fence or a garden wall and affix the top to the wall with adhesive. Place a submersible fountain pump inside the planter and run a flexible plastic tube or copper tubing from the pump spout to the top of the metal panel. Fill the planter with water. When the pump is running, the tubing carries water from the planter to the top of the tin panel, where it cascades back into the planter.

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