How Much Do Nurse Anesthetists Get Paid?

Nurse anaesthetists earn some of the highest salaries in the nursing profession. They have master’s degrees and certifications in their area of specialisation. Nurses also have several years of clinical experience in general before they enter a graduate program to become nurse anaesthetists.


The median salary of a nurse anaesthetist in the United States is £101,045. The 10th percentile earns £90,151, and the 25th percentile earns £95,343. The 75th percentile earns £107,763, and those at the top end of the salary scale in the 90th percentile earn £113,880.


Where you work can affect your salary as a nurse anaesthetist. In addition, nurse anaesthetists that are self-employed or who are contract employees often earn higher salaries than those who work for the government or in hospitals.


Location’s effect on salary is significant. A nurse anaesthetist in Abilene, Texas, for example, can expect a median salary of £92,153. In Seattle, a nurse anaesthetist earns a median salary of £111,149. A nurse anaesthetist in Mobile, Alabama earns a median salary of £90,940 per year, and in New York City, the median salary is £119,940.


Although the general job outlook of registered nurses is good, some industries will not hire as many nurses as others in the coming years, particularly hospitals as more procedures are done in outpatient facilities and physicians’ offices. More nurses are waiting longer to retire, as well, creating more job competition in nursing, according to a May 9, 2011 National Public Radio story. However, nurse anaesthetists can expect high demand for their services as advanced practice nurses are needed in many different industries. Nurse anaesthetists can find jobs particularly in medically underserved areas, which may be in urban or rural locations.

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