Ideas for Cat Face Painting for Adults

Updated November 21, 2016

Children are not the only people who get their faces painted. Sometimes adults require or desire face painting as well. A cat face is one of the more commonly requested faces. From basic to intricate, there are many different styles of cat-themed faces for adults.Consider the basics and the intricate variations to decide on what type of cat face painting you may want.

Cat Characters for Performances

Some adults need to paint their faces as specific cat characters for plays or dance numbers. Here is a basic cat face that can be adapted and adjusted using different colours and accents to suit your character. Load a face-painting sponge with white water-based face paints by dipping the edge of the sponge in water and then rotating it in paint. Paint circles around the eyes white. Paint the area below the nose and above the lips white following the laugh lines. Paint the rest of the face yellow also using a sponge. With a soft-bristled fan brush, paint orange around the edge of the face starting at the hairline, jawline and chin and flicking inward an inch toward the nose. Paint the nose and mouth black with a soft-bristled medium round brush. Outline the muzzle, the area painted white between the nose and the lip, in black with a soft-bristled small round detail brush. With the same brush paint a line from the base of the nose to mid-lip and put dots on either side of that line. Put whiskers coming out from the nose. Add black stripes if you are acting as a tiger or black spots if you are playing a cheetah or leopard character.

Female Cat Face

A basic pink-painted nose and black whiskers look very cute and even alluring on an adult lady, especially if accompanied with a slinky, form-fitting cat costume. Apply your round cat nose with a medium round brush loaded with pink water-based face paint. Paint your lips to match using the same brush. Use a small round detail brush to paint three whiskers that flick out from each side of the nose. This enticingly cute cat face painting can be worn to spice up any dress-up costume engagement.

Male Cat Face

When adult men dress up as a cat, they tend to try to look more scary than cute. Make your cat face painting terrifying by adding sharp teeth with blood dripping down. Fangs are painted by pressing a white-loaded medium round brush to the mouth then flicking and lifting to end the stroke into a point. Fangs can be longer or shorter and can go up or down from the mouth. Put in as many sharp teeth as you want to make your cat look truly vicious. Paint blood drops by loading a small round detail brush with red paint, pressing the tip on the face then sliding the brush a short way and pressing more as you slide. To end the stroke, press the brush fully down on the face.

Cat Cheek Tattoos

Paint a cat face, paw print or write miaow as a small fake tattoo on your face to display your cat loving status at animal fair or cat convention. You may want to display a famous cat on your face, like a Garfield or Sylvester painted cheek tattoo.

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