Interview Questions for Emergency Nurses

Updated April 17, 2017

Emergency room nurses work in hospitals providing care for those in need. They work with patients of all ages and physical condition. They provide hands-on patient care, assist doctors with treatment and act as a patient advocate. ER nurses assess patients to determine the severity of their condition, allowing them to triage patients. Patients are triaged to decide the order in which they are seen.

Assessment Questions

Ask potential emergency room nurses questions about patient assessment to evaluate their knowledge and skill level. Ask candidates how to describe procedures and techniques for performing both a physical and mental exam. Question them about which assessment techniques they would use on patients with specific ailments. Present the candidates with a hypothetical patient suffering from specific symptoms and ask questions about the type of assessment they would perform and why.

Test Knowledge

Ask potential ER nurses questions that test their knowledge about symptoms and conditions. Questions that test the nurse's ability to form a nursing diagnosis and treatment plan should be included within the interview process. This allows you to see if the nurse is capable of correctly grouping symptoms together to determine the potential cause. Next, ask questions that involve the treatments and care they would provide to alleviate their patient's symptoms. Ask questions about medical conditions, their signs and symptoms, and treatment options. Ask about common medications, their uses, side effects and common dosages.

Triage Skills

Test ER nurse candidates on their ability to triage patients. Ask the nurse questions about which symptoms are signs of more serious conditions. Question the nurses to see how they would deal with multiple patients simultaneously. Test them to see if they correctly identify symptoms of life-threatening conditions and injuries by using hypothetical patients or computer simulation programs.

Support System and Coping Mechanisms

Ask nurses interviewing for an emergency room position questions about their support system and coping mechanisms. An emergency room nursing position is stressful and demanding. Nurses deal with traumatic situations at work on a regular basis. They must be able to work with patients, including children, suffering from illness and injury. Ask them questions about how they would deal with traumatic situations including mass casualty incidents and death of a child.

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