Ideas to Renovate a Small Cottage

Renovating a small cottage can demand the time, energy and money of a larger home renovation. Structural modifications, cosmetic changes, accessories and furnishings factor into the resources needed to turn renovation dreams into realities. Decide whether you want to renovate the exterior or interior, develop a comfortable budget and prioritise your renovation plans. Ideas for small cottage renovations range from a few hours of no-cost declutterig to spending thousands of dollars on major structural changes.

Budget-Friendly Interior Ideas

A fresh coat of interior paint gives new life to dull walls for the least amount of money. Choosing a light-coloured paint in ivory, eggshell or off-white will brighten and lighten rooms of a small cottage, making them appear larger. Decluttering and removing large pieces of furniture are no-cost renovation ideas that will increase your space. Open up a room by removing heavy drapes, curtains or other window coverings that may be blocking natural sunlight. Replace with woven blinds, sheer window panels, plantation shutters or wood blinds.

Budget-Friendly Exterior Ideas

Painting the exterior walls, trim and front door of your cottage is an inexpensive way to boost its charming appeal. Window boxes brimming over with brightly coloured flowers and large flower pots flanking the front door are a welcoming sight. Add shutters to the sides of your windows for a budget-friendly decorative look. Placing white wicker chairs with brightly coloured cushions on the front porch enhances the quaint cottage ambience.

Accessory Ideas

Green potted plants and vases of fresh flowers add new life to any room. Replace an old picture with a new piece of canvas wall art or decorative metal sculpture for a quick and easy room rejuvenation. Area rugs, furniture throws, new bed linens and colourful pottery add new character to a tired room. Switching out an old light fixture with a newer, stylish one refreshes a room instantly.

Major Renovation Ideas

Demolishing the interior of the cottage in its entirety and rebuilding it from the floor up is the most costly and time-consuming renovation plan. Removing a wall will open up the space in a small cottage but may require hiring professionals to carry out the demolition and interior finishing. Replacing worn carpet with wood floors will add to your cottage's value and classic charm. Adding a heated floor element underneath flooring will keep your feet cosy in the winter.

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