What Are the Most Common Rabbit Breeds?

Updated November 21, 2016

When looking to buy a rabbit, especially for a new rabbit owner, learning the different breeds is crucial in choosing the right pet. Not all rabbits will survive in outside cages and not all rabbits will enjoy petting and constant handling by young children. Taking the time to learn about the most common rabbit breeds will ensure that you make the right choice of pet and know how to properly care for it.

Mini Rex

The Mini Rex breed includes Himalayan, Chinchilla and Castor rabbits. These rabbits, one of the most common house pets from the rabbit world, feature small ears and an extremely soft coat made of dense, plush fur. These rabbits have even tempers that them the perfect choice for households with children. The Mini Rex weighs less than five pounds when fully grown. These rabbits feature a large variety of fur and eye colours.

Dutch Rabbit

Another mild-tempered rabbit, the Dutch rabbit makes a popular choice for a pet. They grow to weigh up to five pounds and feature a medium-short coat. The colour pattern on the Dutch rabbit is very distinctive with colour that runs from the ears to the cheeks, then the same colour along the back and rear quarters.

Jersey Wooly

A fancy rabbit, the Jersey Wooly requires brushing to keep the fur free of tangles and matting. These rabbits make the perfect house pet due to their small size and gentle nature. The Jersey Wooly, known for its extreme intelligence, also features a docile disposition. They grow to weigh only three pounds.

Florida White

The Florida White rabbit, a compact-sized rabbit, features a short, round body, pink eyes and a pure white coat. The Florida White needs socialisation as a young rabbit to ensure an even temper. This breed will likely require spay or neutering to make sure it continues to properly behave. Florida White rabbits should live in the house in a cage that has enough room to allow the rabbit to move freely. With proper care, this rabbit should live five to eight years.

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