Rainforest Food Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

The rainforests of the world are fascinating ecosystems that host many unique species of trees, plants, birds, flowers and animals. Rainforests offer much food for learning about and feasting upon. Whether you are planning a lesson to teach adults and children about the exotic foods from the rainforest, or hosting a rainforest party that features indigenous foods, rainforest foods are tasty to learn about and eat.

Rainforest Fruit and Cheese Spread

Rainforests are where some of the tastiest fruits originate. Some examples are bananas, pineapples, oranges, lemons and coconuts. Making a rainforest spread for bagels, biscuits or other types of hearty bread is easy and tasty. To make the spread, mix a spoonful of crushed pineapple or banana, with one to tow spoonfuls of whipped cream cheese. Spread this mixture on half a bagel or crackers.

Serpent Cake

Rainforests are closely associated with snakes and serpents. Construct a rainforest serpent cake by making two bundt cakes in a flavour of your choice. When the cakes are cool, cut each in half to make four pieces. Assemble the pieces next to each other; turn them in different directions until they look snakelike. Use green icing to ice the serpent cake and decorate it with candy for eyes and spots. Red liquorice makes dangerous-looking fangs.

Rainforest Snack Mix

It may be a surprise, but foods such as chocolate, popcorn, peanuts and cashews originated in the rainforest. A rainforest snack mix is quick to fix if you have the ingredients on-hand. The chocolate in the snack mix might be chocolate coffee beans (another food of the rainforest) or candy pieces such as M& M's. To make the snack mix more complex, add dried banana, mango or pineapple chips.

Rainforest Skewers

Many vegetables are indigenous to rainforests. To make rainforest skewers, start the grill and let it get warm while preparing the skewers. If using wood skewers, remember to soak them in water for an hour or two to let them absorb the water; this keeps them from catching fire on the grill. Marinate cubes of pork, tomatoes, onions and pineapples in a mixture of limes and jerk seasoning. Thread these on the skewers and grill until done.

Rainforest Ice cream Sundaes

Ice cream sundaes are a good dessert to serve with a rainforest-themed meal, or as a snack. Use fruits such as crushed pineapple, slices of mango, oranges and shredded coconut. Put these on your favourite flavour of ice cream or frozen yoghurt. Drizzle some chocolate syrup over the top for a rainforest sweet feast.

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