Remodeling Ideas for an Enclosed Porch

Updated February 21, 2017

An enclosed porch can serve as an extended living space in many ways. However, if your porch is currently not usable for your needs, remodelling its exterior or floor plan to enhance the look of the house is important. You want the porch to add value to the home, so use materials that look congruent from a kerbside view. Also consider using high-end building materials as the enclosed porch will become the focal point of the home's front facade.

Add Appropriate Foundation

Create a foundation for the porch that matches the home's foundation. For example, you would want to add stacked stone around the porch's base if the house has this type of foundation. You might choose brick or stucco for the foundation area of the porch as another option. Design and build the porch for unity with the house itself, because an enclosed porch may function as an actual room.

Address Roof Design

Prior to your remodel, you will need to address any roofing-related problems and evaluate your porch's roof design. Fix any leaks, of course, but consider expanding the overhangs so that the porch's overhangs and guttering system are harmonious with the home's overhangs. You don't want the porch enclosure to look like it was added on after the house was built. Roofing materials for the porch enclosure do not have to match the home's roof, however. Cedar shakes or copper metal, when used instead of typical asphalt shingles, can add visual interest.

Select Enclosure Materials

Consider the enclosure style you wish for your room. For example, you can add siding or brick to the porch's bottom half and windows to the top half of the space. Floor-to-ceiling glass installed in sections can work for the space, but you will need to buy this glass from a company specialising in glass rooms. Hire this company to install the glass as well to ensure that it will be under warranty for years. Conduct research into various porch designs before choosing your exact design.

Expand Porch Ideas

Think outside of the box as to uses for your porch. Consider using an enclosed porch as a home office, outdoor sleeping room or potting room for gardening. Depending on the square footage of the space, you can divide the porch into two or three separate areas. Just make sure that the design looks complementary to the house from kerbside; you want the enclosure to add market appeal to the home.

Include Water and Electricity

Figure out how to route electricity and plumbing to the porch. If you have a small sink, for example, it's easier to pot plants and wash up small gardening tools in that area. Electrical sockets make it possible to use a small television or charge your laptop while working in the porch space. Consider constructing a wall unit on the lower half of one side of the porch in which you can keep books, magazines, media equipment and toys.

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