Palm Leaf Crafts

Updated April 17, 2017

While palm leaves may be used in settings such as a beach, the palm leaf plays an important part in the Easter story from both scripture and Christian tradition. Crafts relating to the palm leaf may be as simple as starting with a colouring page for younger children to creating palm leaf crosses and wreaths for older children.

Colouring Page Plus

Print a colouring page with palm leaves on the page. Have children colour the page with crayons, markers or with paint. Add texture by providing plastic or actual greenery from a palm leaf. Let the children glue the real greenery over the palm leaf on the colouring page. After the children colour the picture, give them palm leaves cut from green construction paper or provide a template and let the children cut out palm leaves. Use a fastener to attach the green palm leaf to the appropriate place on the page so it can be moved back and forth. Have children use crayons to colour the picture. Lay the pages on paper towels, soak a cotton ball in baby oil and saturate the page. Let dry. Add dowel rods to top and bottom. Add yarn to the top rod to hang for a stained glass-look.

Make a Palm Leaf

Print out the outline of a large palm leaf on plain cardstock. Have the children cut out and colour the palm leaves with crayons, adding glitter around the edges. Glue on foot-long dowel rods so the children can hold and wave the palm leaf. Create the palm leaf from wide green ribbon. Start with a strip of wide ribbon as a base. Add a green pipe cleaner down the centre to stabilise the base ribbon. Cut a series of shorter lengths of the spinelike parts extending from the stem for the children to glue onto the base, angling downward to look like a palm leaf. Fold pieces of green construction paper. On the fold draw a long, wide oval. Cut wide, angled fringe along the edges, leaving two inches along the fold. Open and glue a green pipe cleaner to the centre to finish the palm leaf craft.

Palm Leaf and Cross

If the palm leaf craft is used to celebrate Palm Sunday or Easter, combine the palm leaf with the cross. Print copies of the Celtic cross for the children. Have them decorate this cross with silver crayons or silver glitter. Give them a palm leaf template to cut from green construction paper. Glue the palm leaf at an angle across the Celtic cross. Provide plastic or actual palm leaves for the children -- two each. Glue the palm leaves together to form a cross. Add a Bible reference banner across the centre piece. Create a large semicircle out of card stock. At the bottom add the text, "Christ the King." Cut out a series of palm leaves and display them above the text on the semicircle. Punch a hole and add a ribbon tie for hanging.

Palm Leaf Wreath

Make a round wreath shape out of cardboard or styrofoam. Cut a series of palm leaves from green construction paper. Add stems with a black marker. Layer the palm leaves around the wreath. Use real palm leaves to make a wreath. Long, curved palm leaf branches can be fastened together at the top and bottom to make a long, oval wreath. Make a banner wreath from a length of white flannel. Cut palm leaves from green flannel. Glue a wreath shape onto the white flannel background. Add text above and below as desired with fabric pens. Glue a dowel rod to the top and add ribbon or thin cord to the dowel rod ends for hanging.

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