Christian Prayers for Family & Friends

Updated April 17, 2017

For Christians, prayer is important in establishing and maintaining a relationship with God. Prayer offers Christians an opportunity to talk with God, to listen to Him and to enjoy His presence. Prayer may take the form of worship, confession, thanksgiving, praise or petition (meaning to ask for things). Loving family and friends is an important part of the Christian religion so it follows that Christian prayers for family and friends are frequently used at different times.

Thanksgiving Prayers

Giving thanks to God is one of the primary reasons Christians pray. Christian prayers relating to family and friends may allow an individual to thank God for their family and friends and the support and guidance these loved ones offer. Prayers of thanks for family and friends do not need to follow a script -- individuals may use their own words. Alternatively, they could use the "Thanks for Family and Friends" Prayer from (see Reference 2).

Prayers for Guidance

Christian prayer may also take the form of petition: asking God for something. Many Christians may pray that God blesses and guides their family and friends, especially younger family members who may be in particular need of guidance and reassurance. Parents, for example, may pray for their children as they begin school or leave home for the first time. While their words may be their own, an example is "A Parent's Prayer for Their Children" (see Reference 3).

Prayers for Newlyweds

Marriage is an important event for the whole family, not just the couple concerned. Christian prayers for family or friends who are embarking on married life can include prayers for guidance and help with keeping their marriage vows, courage to weather the storms of married life and blessings such as good health and children. The pastor or priest conducting the wedding ceremony can lead these prayers, or they can be said in a person's own words at home. The "Blessing of a Married Couple" prayer (see Reference 4) may also be used.

Prayers for Friends

For Christians, friendships are especially important bonds, through which people demonstrate their love for God and each other. Praying to God to bless and guide friends and to keep the bonds of friendship strong is therefore important in Christian prayers for family and friends. The Friendship Prayer (see Reference 5) is a good suggestion.

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