Viking hat crafts

Updated July 20, 2017

When people think of the Vikings, they usually picture a warrior dressed in battle gear and a metal helmet with some horns and animal skin adhered to it. These helmets can come in handy around Halloween, for school projects or for dress up at home or school. Whether you are writing a speech and want to deliver it with a little pizazz by wearing a homemade Viking hat or your child needs a crafty little Viking hat for the school play, you can accomplish the task.

Child's Basic Viking Hat

To make a child's Viking hat, you will need cotton balls, one paper bowl, craft glue, two horn-shaped pieces of paper and some elastic string. First, turn the bowl upside-down. Glue the horn-shaped pieces of paper to opposite sides of the bowl. Next, poke a small hole under each horn and tie a piece of the elastic string through them to use as the chin strap to hold the hat on the child's head. Next, allow the child to glue cotton balls over the entire bottom surface and sides of the bowl. The hat will look like it is covered in lamb's wool when it is complete. When it is dry, it is ready to wear.

Paper Mache Hat

To create a durable Viking hat, try using paper mache. First, blow up a balloon the size of your head and cover it with a shower cap. Next, use your favourite recipe to make paper mache glue. Cut 12-inch strips of newspaper. Dip the strips in the glue mixture and then adhere them to the shower cap. When it is covered, let it dry completely. Paint it with brown poster paint and let it dry. Next you'll need to make horns for your hat out of card stock. For one cone, take a 12 inch by 12 inch piece of card stock and roll it into a cone, securing it with transparent tape. Cut the non-pointy side to make it even and adhere it to the hat with hot glue. Repeat with another cone on the opposite side of the hat. Decorate the hat as desired.

Construction Paper Hat

If you are a teacher and you need a craft to extend a lesson on Vikings, try making a craft out of construction paper. Give each child a piece of construction paper and then demonstrate how to cut out each element of the hat and then glue it on the main page. You'll need a semicircle and two horn shaped templates for the hat. The children can decorate their hats with additional craft supplies like feathers, glitter, paint or stickers. When you are finished, you'll have a two-dimensional rendition of a Viking hat that is personalised for each child to take home.

Last Minute Hat

If you are in a hurry to create a Viking hat, you can grab things from around the house. Grab a hat-sized metal bowl, printer paper for making horns and brown construction paper, feathers or faux fur fabric to adorn the hat. Make cones out of the printer paper and tape or hot glue them to the metal bowl. Hide the adhesive and rough edges of the paper with the brown construction paper, feathers or faux fur fabric. Once it is dry, the hat is ready to wear.

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