What Gets Stickers Off of Sunglasses?

Updated February 21, 2017

Stickers on sunglasses can leave behind bits of paper and adhesive residue. Before attempting to remove stickers from sunglasses, know the material of the lenses: plastic or glass. Some cleaners work better on one surface, and some cleaners shouldn't be used on some materials. Try heating the sticker with a hair dryer and pulling it away before applying a cleaner. The heat may warm the adhesive enough to pull the sticker right off without any complications.

Rubbing Alcohol

Apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball and to the sticker on the sunglasses. Use a paper coffee filter, cotton ball or pad, or a tissue to rub the alcohol into the sticker. Use a fingernail to gently scrape the sticker from the sunglasses. If residue remains, reapply the alcohol. If the sticker is stubborn, don't continue to use alcohol on plastic sunglasses. Rubbing alcohol might dull or damage the protective finish or coating on plastic sunglasses.

Citrus Cleaner

Citrus cleaners are sold under many brand names at many types of stores, including home improvement, discount, dollar and grocery stores. Most citrus cleaners are safe for use on plastics, vinyl, tinted and nontinted glass. If you're unsure, check the label on the citrus cleaner. Squirt the citrus cleaner onto the sticker and allow the cleaner to saturate the sticker for about three minutes. Use a fingernail or blunt object, such as a plastic tab from a bread bag, to gently scrape the wet sticker from the sunglasses. If any residue remains, reapply the cleaner. Rub the cleaner residue away with a soft cloth or paper towel.

Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Use acetone nail polish remover to clean away stickers and sticky residue from sunglasses. Use nail polish remover sparingly on plastic glasses because prolonged exposure may dull the protective finish or coating on the plastic. Apply acetone nail polish remover to the sticker so the remover saturates the sticker's surface. Use a fingernail or blunt object to carefully scrape the sticker from the sunglasses. Apply the remover to a cotton ball and clean away any residue. Acetone nail polish remover works well on metal too, but if there is a painted finish, test the remover on an inconspicuous part of the sunglasses first to ensure the paint won't be removed.

Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaners are designed to clean tough substances from glass, plastic and other surfaces. Squirt the cleaner onto the sunglasses and allow it to penetrate the sticker. Scrape the sticker from the sunglasses with a fingernail or blunt object. Reapply glass cleaner until all residue is removed. Don't use an ammonia-based or ammonia-included glass cleaner on plastic sunglasses. Ammonia can strip protective finishes and in some cases damage the plastic.

Household Lubricant

Spray a household lubricant onto the sticker, allowing the lubricant to penetrate the sticker surface. Gently scrape the sticker from the sunglasses. Reapply the lubricant if any residue remains. Use a dry cleaning cloth or paper towel to rub away the lubricant residue until the sunglasses are clean.

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