Pantry Curtain Design Ideas

Written by judi light hopson
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Pantry Curtain Design Ideas
A filmy curtain over this pantry hallway will match the light window curtain. (Felipe Dupouy/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Using fabric over a pantry area gives a kitchen real charm. A kitchen pantry space in a beach cottage or vacation house lends itself to curtains with flowers, stripes or artistic designs. The colour and pattern can be whimsical, bright or more low-key for an upscale look. Figure out whether you want the pantry curtains to stand out or blend in with the room before making choices on design or materials.

Use a Single Panel for Ease

A single panel can work fine. A tall pantry closet may call for an 8-foot curtain gathered on a single rod, for example. Don't necessarily include anything frilly, such as ruffles or tie-backs. Purchase large eyelets, roughly 1 inch across their centre, to install at the top of a curtain panel. You will need a single rod about 3/4 inch in diameter for the single curtain panel to easily slide on. Pull the panel with one hand to cover or reveal a tall closet of canned goods or other groceries.

Add Gathered Curtains Over Shelving

Use gathered curtains on rods for pantry shelving. If you add shelves for groceries in the bottom half of cabinets, for example, add red-and-white checkered curtains on small round rods. Avoid using squared-off rods, or the curtains will be difficult to slide. Sew the curtain panels to gather with real fullness, if the kitchen is retro or designed for casual living. If the kitchen is more formal, use more formal material with fewer gathers. Buy olive green material with small designs and almost no fullness on the rods, for a high-end look.

Install Curtains Inside Door Fronts

Consider adding curtains to pantry cabinet doors. Build a pantry by setting aside upper wall cabinets with open door fronts. Sew material to fit inside the doors to cover the shelving contents. These curtains add a 1950s ambience to the kitchen. They can be stapled in place or attached with small rods on the interior side of cabinet doors where glass or wire fronts would normally fit.

Go for a Retro Look

Create a 1950s or 1960s retro kitchen with pantry curtains as the focal point. Make the entire kitchen black and white. Use black-and-white checkered floor tiles, white upper cabinets and black lower cabinets. A pantry can be located in one end of the room using floor-to-ceiling shelving inside a tall cabinet. The curtain fitting over the pantry can be bold red-and-white stripes. Add this same material to cushions on dining chairs at a small chrome table. Tie-backs of this red-and-white material can be added to white window curtains as well.

Buy See-Through Cloth for More Light

Filmy curtains can be used for partial light. Use thin nylon curtains over a pantry entrance, for example, so you can partially view neatly stacked canned goods. Draw attention to the pantry by painting an entire wall near it with blackboard paint. Write a grocery list on the blackboard to emphasise the pantry's purpose. Add a collection of cookie jars on a shelf area along the top of the blackboard wall to embellish the pantry space further.

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