Ideas for Bumblebee Face Paint

Bumblebees are 1-inch members of the bee family with black bodies featuring yellow stripes. They tend to have a chubbier, more fuzzy appearance than honeybees, wasps and yellow jackets. Create bumblebee face paint looks for Halloween and costume parties including individual large winged designs and painted face masks. Individual bee designs may be used at children's fairs and school events.

Stripes Across the Face

Use yellow and black paint to alternate horizontal stripes across the face. Cover most of the chin, nose and around the eyes with black paint but keep the yellow paint in stripe format. Leave some of the upper forehead bare and paint bee antennae on this area with black paint. Do not paint the ears.

Winged Bee Design

Use your face to create a winged bee design over the nose and around the eyes. Use black eye pencil to trace your design. Paint the majority of the bee body on the nose, or an oval-type shape with yellow and black stripes. Paint a round, black bee head between the eyes with the antennae painted on the forehead. Trace what will be the bee wings all the way around the eyes, leaving room above and especially below the eyes. Fill in with white paint to complete the design.

Bee Cheek Design

Paint a smiling bumblebee on the cheek. Use black eye pencil to create the bee outline and fill in the bee stinger. Use yellow and black paint to fill in the bee's oval body. Paint the bee head yellow and draw a bee face using black eye pencil or black paint. Draw antennae with eye pencil or black face paint and fill in the wings with white paint. Create designs on both cheeks if desired or create several small bee designs on one or both cheeks.

Painted Face Mask

If going as a bumblebee for Halloween, try creating an intricate painted face mask around the eyes in gold and black colours. Use black paint to create a dotted outline above the eyebrows, over the bridge of the nose, around the temples and just above the cheeks and over the nose. The dots can be any pattern you choose, though you might want to elaborate on the design in some areas, such as on the bridge of the nose and on the cheeks. Fill the pattern in with light gold face paint. Add other embellishments if desired, such as golden and yellow faux jewels.

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