Ideas for a romantic evening at home for him

Written by tanya khan | 13/05/2017
Ideas for a romantic evening at home for him
Plan an intimate evening for your man at home. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Plan a romantic evening at home to pamper your man and spend quality time together. Hire a babysitter or drop off your children at a nearby relative's home for the night so you can focus your attention on your man. Come up with intimate ideas that focus on bringing the two of you closer together and reflect your feelings for your man.

In-house Massage

Massage your husband to help him unwind and prepare him for an evening of romance. Spread a silk or satin sheet on your bed or a plush carpet spread near the fire. Dim the lights and use scented candles to illuminate the surrounding space. Play soft instrumental music on the stereo or MP3. Place a tray of massage oils nearby to rub over his back.

Dinner Date

Impress your man with his favourite meal served as if he were a guest at a gourmet restaurant. Arrange the meal on a table set for two, with a floral arrangement in the centre. Place candles around the room for subtle illumination. Lead him to his table and serve him the meal. Your husband will love the intimate gesture and the effort spent at creating the romantic meal.

Movie Night

Arrange a movie night in your bedroom or living room so you can snuggle up together in your bed or the couch. Place a bowl of popcorn nearby to snack on while watching a rented movie. Kiss your man during the movie and whisper romantic words in his ear.

Romantic Games

Play a romantic game in your bedroom where you and your husband comply to each other's demands every time one of you answers a question incorrectly. Depending on personal preference, set a theme for the questionnaire or ask each other random questions, and include "demands" as simple as a hug, kiss or cuddle, or as intimate as you like. Alternatively, role-play two characters from a romantic movie so you end up creating your own intimate scene.

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