Jewelry inscription ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Inscribing a message in jewellery can personalise the jewellery. An inscription can express a particular sentiment or memory. Often rings, bracelets and pendants get inscriptions. Metal jewellery is the most common type of jewellery to inscribe. Some people find that inscriptions on jewellery add to the beauty by increasing the emotional value. Whether or not the inscribed jewellery ends up as a family heirloom, it can have great significance to the wearer.


A quotation makes an excellent engraving for any piece of jewellery. Poems, literature, biblical passages and song lyrics are all possible sources. Depending on the size of the jewellery, you may want to cut the quotation short to its most memorable part. For example, you can shorten the Crystal Middlemas quotation that reads "Love, like a river, will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle," to "Love, like a river, will cut a new path." A quotation is appropriate for any kind of jewellery because there are quotations to express every thought and sentiment. For example, a quotation about academic achievement works for a class ring. A short quotation about the feelings of the heart would be appropriate for a heart-shaped pendant or charm. Short quotations are usually good for pendants. Medium length quotations are good for rings. Longer quotations are good for ID bracelets and watches.

Special Date

If you have a special date, such as that of your first kiss or you engagement, commemorate it by having the date engraved on to the jewellery. There are lots of ways to write a date. A format like "12/13/02" conveys a different mood from "Friday, December 13, 2002." The short, numerical format is to the point and has no frills. The longer format is more elegant. "December" brings to mind the season of winter in a way that the numeral 12 does not. Depending on the space you have available, you may have to choose the shorter format. You also might want to include a short note to commemorate the event, such as "First Kiss" or "First Date."

Secret Meaning

As time goes by in a relationship, many private references build up and become a personal treasury to draw from. A very personal engraving might include a very special message or allusion that no one else will grasp, but that has a deep significance to you. Choose a phrase that the recipient of the jewellery gift will understand immediately or after a little thought.

Special Place

The name of the place of a significant event makes a good inscription. It will help to create a mental picture in the memory of the recipient. It also helps to make the event feel more real and present, as it ties the event to a real place. A general place name such as "Coney Island" can be appropriate to evoke the memory of a happy time there. Or, you can be more specific. Examples, such as "Beneath the Boardwalk, Ocean City" or "Behind the Barn, Grandpa's Farm," can commemorate personal and special moments.

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