Ways to hang small plates & bowls on the wall

Small plates and bowls can be hung in the kitchen, breakfast area, dining room, hallways and elsewhere. Some homeowners prefer ornate display brackets that organise the arrangement in a fixed way so that the plates and bowls sit inside the holder. Other homeowners want the plates and bowls to appear to float on the wall with no visible attachment. Each of these provides a different look and appeal.

Individual Plate Hangers

Individual plate hangers are small metal hangers with front-facing arms that have hooks on the ends. These arms fit the back and edges of the plate in four places. This type of plate hanger is available for many sizes of plates and bowls and allows homeowners to position their plates in any arrangement they like. One problem with these hangers is that the hanger can stress and chip the edges of the plates.

Organised Plate Holder

An organised plate holder is designed to hold plates and bowls in a specific arrangement. Small shelves with arms are built into the holder so that plates and bowls can be positioned and removed easily. This is a good choice when the plates and bowls are used regularly. In this way the items are accessible and decorative at the same time. It is also easier to hang one holder versus several holders.

Adhesive Discs

Adhesive discs are also used to hang plates and bowls when the items are for a more permanent display and when the homeowner doesn't want metal arms to be visible. The disc is attached to the back of the plate and then the paper backing is removed for sticking to the wall. The disc can be positioned on most clean and low-textured wall surfaces. The disc is designed to wash off with water if the display changes.

Preparing Plates For Hanging

Examine each plate and bowl for fine cracks, chips, wear marks or other problems. Clean the plate or bowl using a gentle pH neutral soap. Rinse with distilled water. Dry with a coffee filter as this will remove spotting. Use small electrical wire shrink tubes over the ends of metal hooks. Heat the tubes to shrink them over the metal. This will provide some protection for delicate plate edges. Avoid placing a plate in a hanger if there is a crack or wear spot at that location.

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