Decoration Ideas for a Graduation Ceremony

Updated November 21, 2016

Whether students have finally earned their master's degree or simply finished kindergarten, graduation is a special time to honour all their hard work, commitment and achievements as they embark on the future. Most schools opt to recognise this occasion with a graduation ceremony. Decorations for this festive event should centre on the stage, which can be spruced up with balloons, posters, a slide show or props.


Balloons are an easy and colourful decoration for any graduation ceremony. Consider incorporating the school's colours in these floating orbs to carry some school spirit throughout the event. Smaller events can include just a few inflated balloons strung around the stage, while larger ceremonies can feature balloon arches to highlight the stage. You can also buy balloons shaped as letters and numbers to spell out the school's name or graduation year.


Banners can add personalised decoration to a graduation ceremony. Stream the school's banner across the back of the stage or have one made congratulating the graduating class. Hang sports and academic banners students earned through their school years to show off their achievements. Incorporate other banners and posters throughout the event, too. For example, high school graduations can feature one poster for each university or college the students plan to attend.

Slide Show

Create an ever-changing decoration for your graduation ceremony with a slide-show backdrop. Compile photographs from the graduating class. This should include sports events, dances, rallies and general life around campus. If the graduating class is small, include at least one photo of each student. Compile these images in a digital slide show that can be projected as a backdrop of the stage during the ceremony. To further personalise the event, include a photo of each student to play while she accepts her diploma.


Make your graduation ceremony eye-catching with large props displayed around the stage, hallways and other areas. Think about what items or words relate to the ceremony. For example, focus on the year of the graduating class by painting cardboard cutouts of the numbers. An enlarged graduation hat and diploma would also add to the decorations of the event. Ask the students to get involved in making these one-of-a-kind creations.

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