Sentimental gifts for the mother of the groom to give her new daughter-in-law at the wedding

Updated April 17, 2017

The relationship between the mother of the groom and the bride can go several ways. Mom can be resentful, feeling as if the woman in her son's life is taking her place; she can be overly present, bombarding the couple's relationship; or she can be joyous, eager to gain a daughter. Nonetheless, the union between your son and daughter-in-law is an ideal time to present the bride with something special. Give your daughter-in-law a gift from your heart that shows your affection for her and excitement for the couple's union.

Sentimentally Yours

Infuse something of your own as a gift to the bride. A hair barrette made with gems from one of your old rings, a piece of lace from your wedding dress for her garter or earrings your son's father gave you -- fashioned into a pendant -- all are special gifts that show she's part of the family. Tell her the story behind the item so she knows the personalisation of the gift.

Childhood Memories

Give your daughter-in-law something that will show just how much you cherish her. Present her with a locket with an image of your son when he was a child and start a tradition that displays love for generations to come. No matter if she wears the locket daily or keeps it in her jewellery box for special occasions, seeing it will remind her of your contribution in her happiness by giving birth to your son.

Family Antiques

Welcome her to the family with a cherished piece of antique treasure from your family history. A set of dishes, silverware or even a piece of furniture that has been in your family for years will show you are proud to share family traditions with her. Attach a note with a short story of a time when you were younger and remembered the piece in your family.

Time Capsule

Create a time capsule with well wishes for a successful marriage. Include items that remind you of her, your son and them as a family. Detail those things in a list and tell her not to open the capsule until their first anniversary. For a greater challenge, allow them to open just certain sections of the time capsule after a number of years have passed. Year one can include something like a movie-ticket stub you found in your son's pocket from when they dated, or a rare photo of all of you at a family barbecue. Include a photo of the couple with friends at their engagement party for their 10-year anniversary item. For a lucky 20-year celebration, include a list of 20 things you love about them being together, such as the way they make each other smile or the way their arguments never last overnight. Alternatively, include a relationship checklist that will help them assess their relationship to ensure it's just as close as it was when they were newlyweds.

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