Wood Carving & Etching Tools

Updated July 19, 2017

Wood carving and etching tools are essential for anyone who considers himself a woodworker or who is interested in getting started in the craft. Wood carving tools are used for shaping objects, such as walking canes or furniture, out of solid pieces of wood. Wood etching tools help craftsmen make patterns and designs on the surface of the wood.

Carving Kits and Tool Sets

Carving kits and tool sets are a great way for beginners to learn the art of woodcraft. Beginner kits vary in price, starting at about £32 and going up to £162 or more depending on the tools included. On the pricier end is the Pfeil Swiss Made full-size starter set, which includes single- and double-bevel straight chisels and multiple sizes of gouges. The complete beginners set sold by WoodCraft includes Mary Duke Guldan's book, "The Complete Beginner's Woodcarving Workbook," and a variety of tools including various sized gouges and chisels and a slip stone.


Drawknives are long-bladed knives used for shaving wood when carving. There are different types of drawknives available. Flexcut offers two kinds of drawknifes: the 3-inch straight drawknife and the 5-inch curved-blade drawknife. Pfeil Swiss Made also makes three different types of drawknives: the Straight drawknife with a 5-7/8-inch blade, the Carving drawknife with a 4-1/2-inch-long, 7/8-inch-wide blade, and the Large Carver's drawknife, which is a slightly convex blade measuring 17 inches overall.

Power Carving

Power carvers are a great way to speed up projects for woodworkers. Arbortech makes two different kinds of power carvers: the complete mini-grinder carving kit and the industrial pro kit. Both of Arbortech's power carvers have a safety feature built into each blade called a chip limiter that reduces blade kickback and grabbing. Arbortech also has a power chisel that operates at 12,000 strokes per minute and has a 700 watt motor. King Arthur Tools offers the Merlin power carver, which allows wood-makers to carve, cut, shave and sand with one power tool.


Etchers allow the woodworker to etch a name, date, number or design into their wood creations. Dremel makes multiple hand tools that can be used for etching. Dremel's Engraver Kit is especially versatile as it can be used on glass and metal in addition to wood. If you want a bigger tool, or need to do larger wood-based etches and engravings, then you may want to move up to Epilog Laser's collection of laser systems for engraving and cutting.

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