English Tudor Paint Colors

Updated February 21, 2017

The Tudor style was influenced by the Renaissance buildings found in England during the 16th and 17th centuries. This style became favoured in the U.S. in the 1920s when suburban homes began to mimic the colour and styles of the Tudor period. Typically Tudor paint uses light, stucco colours that are accented with darker trim. Colours are usually chosen based on the roof colour.


Darker shades of brown are used on the exterior of Tudor homes to accent the architecture design. Brown is used on trim and creates the square, rectangular and triangular shapes found on the exterior of Tudor homes. You can use the brown paint to colour in the outline of the shapes, and use other colours to fill in between the brown lines.

White or Cream

Used in contrast to the darker browns used for the trim, white or cream is used as the fill-in colour. Using lighter colours really brings out the trim and style of the Tudor house. These colours do not need to be only white or cream, but stucco and beige shades also work well. More nontraditional colours, such as gold or yellow, can also be used in place of the lighter shades, which still maintains the traditional Tudor style but adds an element of warmth to the house's exterior.


Red shades can also be used for Tudor houses, particularly those that incorporate brick work into the exterior design. Using a type of monochrome colour on the home works well for Tudor style homes that have different textural elements on the exterior of the home, such as changing from brick to shingles along one wall. Smaller Tudor homes that are protected from full view and shaded by trees can use bolder shades of red as long as the home has the proper dimensions and settings for using a bolder colour.


Dark green, green-grey or sage green can also be used for the exterior trim on Tudor homes. In particular the home should match the surrounding plants and trees, so finding a green that complements or matches the surrounding landscaping is best for this style of home. Green colours can also be used for the roof elements on a Tudor home.

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