Sunday School Games and Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Sunday School is a place where parents take their children to learn the basics of the Christian faith, founded in God's love for them and for the world. The kids learn through Bible study and discussion, but Sunday Schools also incorporate games and activities into the lessons, adding interactive fun to the learning experience.

Whose Prints?

A handprint craft can support a lesson about Creation or about recognising God in the everyday events of our lives. Have the children make outlines of their hands on paper and decorate their prints. Instruct them to put their names only on the back of their work and not to show their work to the other students. Shuffle the handprints. Select one and hold it up, covered mostly by a sheet of black construction paper. Ask, "Whose handprint is this?" Keep asking as you uncover the handprint little by little, until someone answers correctly. Combine this activity with a lesson that teaches the children to see God in all good things, such as the helping hand of a friend or a beautiful sunset.

God Untangles

Ask the children to make a tight circle. Have two children grasp hands. Ask two other children to grasp hands over or under but not through the loop formed by the first pair. Continue this process until all the children are tangled into a human knot. Instruct them to untangle themselves slowly and without letting go of each other --this might take some doing. If the class is large, split them into groups. Explain that the knot represents the messes people get into and that God will help them untangle the worst of messes if they ask for His help.

For an alternative activity to support this lesson, divide the children into pairs and give each pair a length of rope tied in knots. The first pair to untie all the knots wins.

Bible Animal

On index cards, write down the names of animals mentioned in the Bible. These include goats, horses, donkeys, rabbits, camels and cows. If you wish, add a verse that mentions each animal. Place the cards in a basket and have each child draw one. Instruct the kids to come up with a way to portray their animal and give them a few minutes to prepare. The first person to correctly guess which animal is being portrayed gets a point. After all the kids have had a turn, vote for who best portrayed his animal. You can also split the kids into teams to play this game.

Where in the Bible Is...?

For this activity, each child needs a Bible with a concordance, which is an index to help find things in the Bible more quickly. Many Bibles have these and there are also stand-alone Bible concordance books. Show the kids how to use the concordance to find Bible verses with the word "love." Once they understand what to do, call out words and have them look up relevant verses in the concordance, then find the actual verses in the Bible. The first one to find each verse reads it and receives a point. This game works for individual players or teams.

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