Match stick crafts

Updated July 20, 2017

Match stick crafts have always been a fun way for children and even adults to put their craft construction skills to the test. When glued together, they can make a variety of objects, from cars to houses and even boats. They provide a fun way for families to spend time together or as a craft ideas for classrooms.


MATCHITECTURE creates 3D construction craft kits to build your own match stick figures. Some items include models as small as houses and cars, to items such as bulldozers, aeroplanes, even the Eiffel Tower. Prices vary according to what model is used. These are a creative ways to do projects with someone else or solo.


A great idea to get crafty with match sticks is to create photos or pictures to be framed. Simply use an outline on a piece of paper to glue the match sticks together to create an interesting image of just about anything. Such items that are popular are crosses, suns, animals and houses.

Functional Crafts

If trying to create a little movement to a craft, match sticks can be made into Ferris wheels, trains on a track, or even stagecoaches on wheels. Making these items is more difficult than most match stick ideas, however, with a little dedication and some creative thinking you can develop a carnival, train set and much more.


Use several match sticks and a few other easy-to-find crafts such as yarn, cotton balls, pipe-cleaners or felt to create place mats for tables or desks. Once glued together in a square or rectangular pattern, adding detail to the edges with ornamentation lets you create a simple place mat that can be used anywhere.

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