Different Varieties of Twix Bars

Updated July 20, 2017

A Twix Bar is a chocolate bar that is composed similar to a cookie and consists of a wafer-like biscuit crumble base topped with a caramel layer and coated with a thin layer of milk chocolate. Because a Twix is generally smaller than a normal chocolate bar, they normally come with two in a package. Though the general composition of a Twix is the same, it has come in many diverse varieties throughout its life.


Twix Bars come in smaller "fun sized" packaging for easier eating. They are often sold in small bags with several dozen per bag. Composition-wise, these mini-Twix are no any different from standard Twix, just quite a bit smaller.

PB Twix

Marketing and sales for PB Twix began in the 1990s in the US and they are still sold today. PB Twix are similar to regular Twix with the only difference being that PB Twix actually have a thin layer of peanut butter rather than caramel on top of the cookie wafer.

Cookies n' Cream Twix

Only sold in the mid-1990s, Cookies n' Cream Twix were filled with chopped up bits of Oreo-like cookie with a little cream filling rather than caramel on top of the cookie wafer. The wafer itself is also composed of chocolate Oreo-like cookie.

King Sized Twix

Instead of two Twix bars in a package, Twix in the United Kingdom decided to sell one large Twix instead. This has been sold since 1994 and is only found in England and other parts of Europe.

Ice Cream Twix

Instead of a Twix cookie in the bar, Ice Cream Twix added a layer of ice cream and froze them, two in a package, for a more refreshing summer treat. These, however, are much more difficult to find as they are only sold in larger retail stores.

Twix Java

It started as a U.K. treat, but quickly migrated to the United States in the late 1990s. Twix Java adds a coffee flavour to the inside of the wafer to make the treat more like biscotti than a chocolate bar.

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