Initiation ideas for a sorority

Updated July 20, 2017

Sorority initiations are highly secretive ceremonies in which the sorority chapter's pledges become full members of the sorority. Sorority initiations are the same within a particular chapter across the nation. For example, Delta Delta Deltas nationwide engage in the same rituals during their initiation. Separate sororities have different ceremonies, as the initiation ceremony involves teaching new members the secrets and symbols of the individual society. Therefore Delta Delta Delta members have a different ceremony than Kappa Kappa Gamma members. The exact activities of sorority initiations are not available to nonmembers, but the salient theme of initiations is to provide a bonding experience between new and current sorority sisters. For sororities who wish to renovate the initiation process, substitute routine rituals with casual social events that include a fun activity requiring all sisters to participate.

Poker Night

Organise a poker night for new sisters to meet active sisters in your sorority. Try to keep an even number of new girls and older members at each table if possible. Have a table open for sisters who have been eliminated to play other card games. Create cute cheat sheets for sisters who are unfamiliar with the game. Have a few fun prizes for the winner, such as a fragrant candle or a picture frame.

Sisters on Ice

Host an initiation at the local skating rink for a winter theme. Bring plenty of hot cocoa and coffee or tea for refreshments. Before the initiation, have an active member create a goody bag for a new sister. The active member can include a cute skating accessory such as a scarf, mittens or earmuffs. The goody bag can also include candy and words of encouragement to the new sister.

Campfire Social

A campfire is a perfect way for sorority sisters to work together and get to know one another. Campfires are usually an inexpensive option, but make sure that your local park or beach permits fires. Active members will have to buy the food and necessary equipment, such as lighter fluid and firewood beforehand. After dinner is finished, active members can teach new sisters special songs and roast marshmallows.

Sorority Karaoke

Initiation parties are all about letting your guard down and bonding. Nothing accomplishes this like having a karaoke night --- the catch is that everyone must participate. If you allow some sisters to be wallflowers, sisters who do sing may feel self-conscious. Create an even playing field by making an order of singers before the event, interspersing the new girls with the active members. You can allow the shy girls to do a duet. Another option is to have new and old members sing a duet for a bonding experience.

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