Carnival Type Games for School Fairs

Written by krystal miller
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Carnival Type Games for School Fairs
Let players test their skill with a game of balloon darts. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Many schools host fairs to raise needed funds by having carnival-type games people can play. Carnival-type games are games of skill and luck, which appeal to players of all ages. Awarding prizes like plush animals and candy to all game winners will tempt players to test their luck and skill. Players can purchase tickets as they enter the fair and use the tickets to play the games to try to win prizes.

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Ball Games

Create several ball games for the players to test their skill, including baseball, basketball and football. For basketball, use a basketball net and mark a standing line about 10 feet away. For football and baseball, cut a hole large enough for the baseball or football in a piece of plywood. Paint the front of the plywood like a baseball player catching a ball or a football player catching a pass. Lean the plywood against a wall and have players try to make the balls into the holes. Mark a standing line about 10 feet from the boards and have players throw from the line. Award prizes to players who make two out of three baskets or throws.

Toss Games

Make a toss game using ping-pong balls and buckets. Players must stand behind a line and try to toss ping-pong balls into different size buckets. Use a marker to write "S" for small, "M" for medium and "L" for large on the side of the buckets. If a player lands a ball into a bucket, he receives that size prize. For another toss game, have players try to toss ping-pong balls into goldfish bowls. If they make a ball, they win a live goldfish. Goldfish are available at most pet supply stores and are very inexpensive.

Balloon Games

Inflate several balloons and stick them to a notice board using thumbtacks. Make diagonal and horizontal rows of balloons. Lean the board against a wall. Mark a standing line about 5 feet away from the board for children and 10 feet for adults. Give each player five darts to try to pop the balloons. Award prizes for each player who pops three out of the possibly five balloons with the darts. Make sure adults help young children play balloon darts for safety reasons. You can make another balloon game for kids by inflating several balloons and placing small prizes inside the balloons before tying them off. Each child selects one balloon to pop and can keep the prize or prizes inside. Include prizes such as candy, small plastic toys, stickers and temporary tattoos.

Luck Games

Use a door frame and door with a locking handle to play a lucky key game. The Carnival Savers website recommends making three keys that unlock the door and 20 keys that do not unlock the door. Place all the keys in a bowl and let players draw three keys at a time. If one of the keys opens the door, they win a prize. Another luck game is the duck pond. Place 40 rubber ducks into a large tub of water. Draw a star of the bottom of 15 ducks. If a player selects a duck with a star, she wins a prize.

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