Pranks to Do While People Are Sleeping

Updated April 17, 2017

Youth overnight games can include pranks on those who go to sleep first. College-age youth play pranks while people are sleeping as well. And adults are not above playing pranks on their sleeping spouses or others. Make sure to consider the safety risks when using pranks on those who are sleeping.

Whipped Cream Prank

Spray out whipped cream from a can into the hands of your sleeping victim very carefully, to not awaken him. Using a long feather, lightly touch the face of the sleeping person where you want him to make contact with his cream-covered hands. If the first feather tickle isn't strong enough to make him attempt to scratch or touch his face, apply more pressure with the feather until he does. Wait to see if he awakens before touching another part of the face next.

Fettered Feet

Make sure there are no objects in the room the sleeping person could trip over near the bed before starting this prank. Towards the early morning awakening time, tie ribbon, cord or long shoe laces around the ankles of the sleeping person. Tie loosely, so movement isn't totally restricted. Be on hand when he awakens to prevent falls when he attempts to get out of the bed and his fettered feet don't respond as he expects.

Alarm Prank

You can do two different pranks with an alarm clock. In the first, after the person goes to sleep, change the alarm time she set. Move it up by two or three hours, causing her to have to arise much earlier than she expected. She won't know it isn't that time and will start preparing for school or work. Let her get completely ready before telling her to go back to bed.

The second alarm prank is just as funny. Set his clock alarm for a couple of hours earlier than he did and then hide the clock somewhere in his room where he will be able to hear it but not find it easily. On the floor between his bed headboard and the wall is a good place or atop his closet shelf nearest the bed, forcing him to get up to turn it off.

Deep Sleeper

Deep sleepers are ripe for this prank. Get a friend or two to help you lift the dead-to-the-world sleeper and move his body to another location in the home or on the campus. Choose a spot where he will be embarrassed to awaken, one with potential strangers seeing him in repose, such as outside his dorm room. Make sure he is fully clothed and has covers to hide under.

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