Things to Do at Home When Your Kids Are Bored

Updated April 14, 2017

Having a child who is stuck inside due to poor weather, a school break or mild illness often results in her complaining of her boredom. There are many simple activities that are available to keep your child busy, from creating her own work of art or cooking masterpiece to quiet activities for a sick child or more adventurous outdoor activities to complete over summer vacation.

Art Activities

Create a special art supply drawer or container for your child, filled with age-appropriate art supplies, such as crayons and stickers for a young child or markers, beads and craft paints for older children. Periodically, add new items to your supply, giving your child something new to explore when he uses the supplies. Suggest age-appropriate art creations for your child to make, such as a necklace or clay sculpture for an older child or a simple paper bag puppet or modelling dough creation for a younger child.

Kitchen Activities

Send your child into the kitchen to prepare a meal or snack when she complains of being bored. Older children can be given a simple recipe to follow and prepare on their own, such as a basic pizza or cookie recipe. Younger children may need help to create simpler items such as a peanut butter sandwich. Have your child help you prepare for a family meal by washing fruits or vegetables, measuring ingredients or stirring a mixture. Your child can also set the table for dinner and create her own menu, placements or table centrepiece to pass time.

Quiet Activities

Keep a child who is home sick entertained by giving him new books to read or a special movie to watch. Spend time talking to your child or read his favourite story to him. Playing a card game, board game or computer game can help to pass the time at home. Simple brain teaser activities, such as a sudoku puzzle, word search or crossword puzzle, are excellent ways for him to pass the time as he rests. You can also have him catch up on school work he is missing while out sick.

Other Activities

There are plenty of other activities that your child can do while bored at home. You can have your child design an obstacle course for the family or neighbourhood friends to complete or you can create a scavenger hunt list of things that can be found in your home or neighbourhood and give your child a time limit to find all of the items she can. Designing a treasure map that leads your child to a new toy or other small prize, asking her to teach the family pet a new trick, or giving her a puzzle to complete will keep her entertained for longer periods of time.

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