Carnival Games for Adults

Written by aya pauli
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Carnival Games for Adults
Balloon darts is an easy carnival game to create yourself. (Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty Images)

The only difference between an adult carnival game and a kid's carnival game is that the adult game needs to be more challenging. A basic carnival game can be almost any activity that's amusing, comes with a prize and works for adults and kids. Take any basic game, give it an adult theme, increase the difficulty and you have a new activity exclusively for older players.

IRS Knock Down

Give the classic game of "Knock Down the Bottles" an adult twist using only paint and effort. Clean six to eight wooden bottles for the game. Paint each one to look like a cartoonish man with an "IRS" name tag. Set the bottles on a table or shelf. Adult players stand at least 10 feet from the bottles and get three tries to knock the bottles down with a hard rubber ball. Any player who knocks down all the bottles wins a prize.

Political Beanbag Toss

Use the elephant and donkey political symbols to create a beanbag carnival game for adults. Cut one hole on each side of a large rectangular piece of plywood, one for each animal mouth. Cut a small hole in the middle of the plywood. Paint a cartoon elephant on one side of the rectangle and a cartoon donkey on the other side, positioning each cartoon so the mouth matches up with the hole. Paint a moneybag around the middle hole. Players get three chances to toss a beanbag into the holes. Players who get all three beanbags in a hole win a prize.

Dart Throw

A dart throw is an oldie, but a goody, when it comes to carnival games for adults. Fill latex balloons with air and tack the mouth on each balloon to a large piece of plywood. Cover the plywood completely, leaving at least 6 inches of space between each balloon. Add an adult twist by writing something worth destroying on each balloon, such as "bills," "boss," "work" and "taxes." Each player has three chances to throw a dart and pop a balloon. Players who pop three balloons receive a prize.

Horse Races

Dice and a game board are all you need to create a homemade horse racing game for adults. Cover a large piece of plywood with green felt to create the game board. Divide the board into five to 10 horizontal sections, one section per player. Divide each horizontal section into 13 vertical sections for a total of 13 points per race, or at least three dice rolls. Place a felt horse at the beginning of each horizontal section. Players roll a dice and their horses move forward that many points. Players have three rolls, or 18 potential points, to reach the finish line. The player who reaches the line first wins the game.

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