5 good short term goals for a high school student

Updated April 17, 2017

High school can be a time filled with both stress and excitement for students. They are learning to balance social, educational and personal priorities while pondering what they will be doing after graduation. A great way for students to take things day by day and accomplish goals is to form a list. Here are five examples of good short-term goals that high school students can take on.

Complete All Homework On Time

A simple goal that will help students not only in the present but also in the long term is to aim to complete all of their homework on time. Have the student make a conscious effort to sit down and focus on his assigned tasks and hand them in when they are due. This will teach diligence and responsibility, skills that are helpful in high school, higher education and in the work force. Students will come to realise that less stress, and often more free time, are afforded when projects are completed in a timely manner.

Improve Test Scores in a Challenging Course

Focusing on a challenging area of study is a great way for students to overcome hurdles and gain more self-confidence overall. Set the goal to gain at least 5 per cent to 10 per cent higher on the next test in the subject. Students should come up with ways to accomplish this, be it more time spent studying, consulting with the teacher or working with a tutor. Having the students focus on a trouble area will help them analyse what is holding them back and become more determined to succeed.

Take Part in an Extra Curricular Activity

Extra-curricular activities look great on college applications and are enjoyable for many students. If the student is not taking part in a sport or club, encourage her to join one. Have her think about her interests and select an activity she can take on. Extra-curricular activities help kids to learn about managing time, while meeting new people and discovering skills that they may not have known they had. They also provide an escape from the stresses of school.

Participate in Class

Class participation is often a large part of a student's grade. Teachers like to see that students are paying attention and taking an interest in what they are teaching. Have the student agree to participate at least once a day in school. The student will soon realise it is not very difficult to ask a question, provide a response or start a discussion.

Achieve Top Marks on Next Report Card

A great goal for a student who is determined to improve his grades is to achieve top marks on his next report card. This may mean to get all A's or to be in the top percentage of the class's overall grade. For students who are struggling more, have them vie to achieve one grade higher in every subject on the next report card. You can help the student study more or begin looking over homework assignments after the student completes them.

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