Nursery Sunday School Cleaning Checklist

Updated July 20, 2017

A nursery full of children, whether it be during weekly Sunday school or in a day care centre, needs to be kept clean at all times. Good sanitation habits will help prevent children from getting sick and passing those illnesses on to others, including parents and staff. A cleaning checklist followed regularly can be helpful in making sure that you do not forget necessary procedures when preparing the nursery for Sunday school. Your cleaning policy should also be placed visibly in the Sunday school room, so that parents are aware of your protocols before dropping off their kids.

Facility Requirements Checklist

Before children can be allowed in the nursery rooms on Sundays, your building must meet some basic sanitation and safety requirements. It must have functional smoke detectors, which should be cleaned frequently to ensure that they work properly. Perform a safety check to make sure that there are no insects, rodents or other pests. Remove any obstructions from the fire exits, including toys that children could trip on. Electrical sockets should have protective caps, and windows should have safeguards. These should be cleaned regularly as well. When cleaning, only use cleaning supplies that are safe.

Before Sunday School Checklist

Before the children arrive for Sunday school, confirm that any medicines and cleaning supplies are out of reach. All toys should be clean, functional and safe. Small toys or anything that is easily swallowed should be removed. Clean the tables, chairs, changing tables and any surfaces that the children will be in contact with. Foods that spoil easily should be refrigerated. Empty the dustbins and clean the kitchen. Open the windows after cleaning to ensure ventilation.

During Sunday School Checklist

While the children are there, maintain healthy sanitation habits. Sanitisers should also be made available to both children and their parents as needed. Use changing tables when changing diapers, and sanitise the area after every use. Dispose of soiled toys and diapers as appropriate. Empty the dustbins frequently. Pick up toys left lying on the ground to prevent accidents. Clean any spills as soon as they happen. Wash your hands, and the hands of any children, before and after they come into contact with food.

After Sunday School Checklist

Once Sunday school is over, wash any items that were used. This includes toys, clothes and bedding. Sweep and vacuum the carpets, rugs and floors. Clean the bathrooms, including toilet seats and potty chairs. Sanitise tables, chairs, highchairs, cribs and cots. Clean the windows and door handles. Empty the fridge, as well as any dustbins. Unplug any appliances that should not be left running. Put everything away neatly in preparation for the following week.

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