Toys that grow in the water

Updated March 23, 2017

Many children enjoy toys that can transform. There's a surprise for children with these types of toys. One moment they see the toy in one form, and the next moment it can change to something else or grow larger. Some of these toys hatch out of pills and eggs, while others grow as much as five times the original size under water. Some of these toys even shrink back to their original form so children can repeat the process, watching it transform and grow under water again.

Plastic Capsules

One type of fun water toy comes in a plastic capsule, similar to a pill. When you put it in water, the plastic capsule begins to dissolve, and what is within the plastic capsule begins to break out. Often times what comes out is a sponge toy. The sponge may be in the shape of a certain object, such as a fish, dinosaur or bird. You may find these toys under the name Magic Grow and Magic Capsules.

Growing Figures

Some figure toys made out of a foam material will expand over time when soaked under water. Some figures that start out measuring 1 inch long may expand to 5 inches wide or longer. Once the figure is taken out of water, it slowly shrinks back to its original size. There are many figures to select, including cakes, reptiles and other animals. You can find these toys under names such as Growing Dinosaurs or Grow-an-Insect.

Gel Balls

Orbeez are gel balls that start off as hard small pellets and grow 100 times their volume after soaking in water. They turn into round uniform balls that are soft, squishy and bouncy. There are a variety of colours that come with the kit. Some kits include a tray shaped into a certain object, such as a butterfly, where you can fill the tray with different coloured balls to create display art. Orbeez may continue to be regrown and reused after it has dried.

Hatch-and-Grow Eggs

Some plastic toy eggs will transform in water. As you soak the egg in water for 48 hours, you can begin to see the egg start to hatch. A baby dinosaur and turtle are among the animals you can see hatch out of the egg. At full growth, the baby animal figure can measure as long as 5 inches. You can find these toys under Hatchin Grow and Growing Dinosaur Egg.


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