The Best 50th-Birthday Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

A 50th-birthday party is a milestone to celebrate with family, friends and coworkers. Depending on the personality of the person, the best theme for the celebration involves sentiment or humour. A sentimental celebration will often featured shared reflections from the person past, including photos, achievement awards and memorabilia. It may also include storytelling that reflects the person's childhood, high school years, weddings or other events. A humorous celebration will feature gag gifts, humorous skits and even funny poems. It may also include fun and engaging games.

Fun and Decor

Whether you are planning a humorous or sentimental celebration, you will still want to incorporate some level of fun within the party. Fun activities such as charades or karaoke can help guests mingle and make the party entertaining. You may want to include casino games and have special prizes for the winners. Make the party extra special by playing popular music from the teen years of the 50-year-old. You can also have a live band come to play or even hire a singing telegram service. You can find 50th-birthday items like plates, cups, napkins, streamers and banners at local party stores or online shops.

Birthday Poems

You could mark the 50th birthday with the reading of poetry on a sentimental or humorous theme. Choose romantic poems that convey yearning, tenderness or affection to go along with a sentimental-themed party or funny poems for a lighter party. You may also mix the poetry reading with friendship, spouse or family life poetry. Don't forget that original poems are always special.

50th Cakes

The birthday cake should reflect the monumental significance of the 50th-birthday celebration. If you're planning to bake the cake yourself, then the cake should be spectacular and memorable. Birthday cakes can be just as elaborate as wedding cakes. If you are not experienced with baking, it might be a good idea to pass on cake making to a more talented friend. The best way to choose the type of birthday cake is to ask the birthday person to reveal her favourite flavour. Don't be afraid to purchase the cake from a bakery.

Planning Gifts

If you are planning a sentimental celebration, suggest that guests bring thoughtful gifts, such as restaurant certificates, baked goods or spa certificates. For a more humorous celebration, have guest bring gag gifts, such as faux reading glasses, canes or walkers or 50th birthday T-shirts or buttons. Of course practical gifts are always in order; useful gifts like clothing items, comfortable shoes, or even travel gear are sure to please. If you know the person well, you can purchase hobby gifts. These gifts may include free hobby lessons, gift cards to a hobby store or hobby tools.

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