Ideas for a launch invitation

Updated April 17, 2017

A launch invitation creates buzz about the event you or your organisation are hosting. The invitation provides essential information about the launch party, including its location, dress code and time, as well as a few select details about the purpose of the launch. Of course, if you're launching a new product or service in a competitive environment, you might want to provide only a teaser detail about the launch. A launch party, although intended for business purposes, is still a party; impress your guests with an emphasis on details.

Traditional Paper Invitations

Traditional paper invitations are one way of communicating the details about your launch event. Many people issue invites via e-mail; sending a formal invitation in the mail adds an element of sophistication to your event. For a personal touch, make your own invitations from card stock, ribbon and a calligraphy pen. Purchasing prepared invitations is a less personal option; however, you can customise them for your special event with ribbon, additional card stock or even strips of textured fabric. Prepared invitations are already designed at the time of purchase; you can handwrite your details on them or use a computer to print them.

Food Invitiation

Lure guests to your launch with tasty treats. Cupcakes and cookies can serve dual purposes; they are sweet snacks that can also act as invites to your launch party. Ensure that each cupcake, cookie or baked good has "You're Invited!" or "It's a Party" scripted on top; attach a small piece of card stock with the event's details to each cupcake box or cookie bag.

Postcard Invitations

Spread the news about your launch with a postcard invitation. This kind of invite resembles a traditional postcard in size and design. Use one side of your postcard to display the details of your event; on the other, feature an image that matches the tone of your event. The chosen image will vary according to the nature of your launch. For example, you can include a picture of your new product or representative of a service experience. With this invite, you do incur the costs of postage; however, you do not, like other paper invites, have to stuff the invite in envelopes and thus avoid the cost of envelopes and reply cards. Guests can R.S.V.P via e-mail; ensure that you list an e-mail on one side of the invite.


Invite guests to your event with an e-card. Incorporate sound, such as party music, into your e-vite for maximum impact and select images that match the tone of your event. Although an e-card is a cost-effective venture (material and postage costs are avoided), there is always the risk the card will end up in the spam folders of the recipients' in-boxes; consider following up on any e-cards with a personalised phone call whenever possible.

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