Famous Magic Tricks Revealed

Written by jeffery keilholtz
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Famous Magic Tricks Revealed
Perform magic solo or with an assistant. (John Rowley/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Performing magic tricks are a wise way to gain attention at parties and stun friends and family with your uncommon skills. The most powerful magic tricks are illusions that seem so impossible to the layperson that the only explanation for success is a connection with the supernatural. Revealing famous magic tricks helps would-be magicians break down classic acts to make them their own.


Sleight-of-hand card tricks are not elaborate -- but work to great effect for their power and simplicity. Show someone a card and tell them you will change it in front of their eyes. Place your pinky on the side of that top card and cover it with the palm of your hand. Distract the audience by keeping your hand flat so it looks as if you are palming the top card. You are not. Scoot the top card forward with your pinky and slide the card underneath out and back with the heel of your hand. Slide that undercard onto the top and remove your hand. Viola -- the card changed in front of the audience's eyes.

Perform Illusions

Illusions are classic magic tricks that seem to involve the unexplained. In actuality, the magician is always in control before the trick even begins. Hang a pretzel on a string, for example, and have two assistants hold each of the string taut. Cover the pretzel and string with a cloth. Place your hands underneath the cloth and remove the pretzel without breaking it -- or so it seems. Before the trick begins, hold a second pretzel clandestinely in your hand. When you slide your hands under the cloth, quietly break the first pretzel and remove the cloth quickly with the same hand in which you hold the broken pieces. Distract the audience by displaying only the second, whole pretzel and allow the audience to gawk with wonder.

The Four Aces Card Trick

The famous four aces card trick requires the magician to place the four aces on top of the deck prior to the start of the trick. The trick allows an audience participant to cut the cards four times from underneath and places -- seemingly random -- cards into four piles. The central component to this trick is to always keep the aces on top and have the audience member follow your instructions on shuffling and arranging piles of cards that do not involve the aces at all. This shuffling and rearranging is a distraction to add allure to the trick. Place each of the four top cards -- the four aces -- one on top of each pile. Flip the cards and watch the reactions.

Famous Magicians

The most famous magic tricks in the world were devised, created and performed by some of the world's greatest magicians. Harry Houdini was a master of escape, removing himself from strait jackets and chains with ease -- to the awe of the crowd. David Blaine is a master American magician, famous for his street magic involving card tricks, illusions and endurance art. David Copperfield, Lance Burton and Doug Henning are other world famous magicians. All top-of-the-line magicians are fast with their hands and proficient at distracting audiences.

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