What Are Some Good Speech Topics?

Updated April 17, 2017

Speech topics need to interest and engage the audience. The speech topics also need to matter to you in some way in order for you to deliver the subject of the speech with a depth of information and passion that draws in the audience and makes them care about this particular topic.

Controversial Issues

Good speech topics include issues that can be debated. These speech topics can be argued on either side of the issue as pro or con. Hot button issues garner both press and studies, which provides you with the amount of research information needed to formulate the points of your speech as well as information for rebuttal questions. Controversial speech topics could include the rights of states to regulate the acceptance of same-gender marriage, different aspects of the right to abortion, age of viability both before and after birth, whether or not people should be able to choose the right to die, the right of the government to limit or extend health care and whether there is media bias.

Green Topics

Good speech topics include green issues such as the role of nuclear energy, whether the environmental dangers have been overstated, ways to be green yet economically feasible or the role of hunting in an environmentally responsible culture. Green issues could include how to create an organic garden; how to create less waste; and how to use more natural products on our lawns, in our bodies and around the house. Green issues might include exploring the long-term green situation of Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs) since they contain mercury and cause an environmental hazard when broken.

Make It Political

Speech topics of interest include political issues. Good political topics might include the value of military intervention overseas, the right of a president to abide or not to abide by laws already on the books, different scenarios regarding the future of Social Security, whether the Supreme Court has the right to adjudicate cases on the basis of foreign laws and precedences or whether they should base cases only on the U.S. Constitution and laws (since Supreme Court justices take an oath to uphold the Constitution, a hot button political issue for a speech might be whether or not Supreme Court Justices who base a vote on foreign law are, in essence, violating their oath). Another political issue is whether every citizen should be required to show a picture ID before voting. Go back in history and give a speech on a historical political figure, such as Lincoln and the fight against slavery.

Personal, Informational, Humorous

Some speeches are informational and can even be humorous. You can write and give a speech on learning how to drive. Add funny incidences for a humorous speech, or use statistics for a more informational speech. Give a speech about being a babysitter using the humorous things that happen, or how to become a certified babysitter. An interesting life story can become a good and interesting speech topic.

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