Fry Pans That Can Go in the Oven

Updated February 21, 2017

While most dinner dishes require only one method of cooking, some are best if cooked first on the hob and then moved to the oven. Transferring a dinner dish to a second cooking utensil can be inconvenient, plus you can lose some of the flavour. Consider investing in cookware that you can use both on the hob and in the oven.

Cast Iron

Old-fashioned cast-iron frying pans are tough and safe to move from hob to oven. An exception is a cast-iron pan with a wooden or plastic handle. Another concern is the weight of the cast-iron pan, especially when it's full of food. Move the pan with both hands, and make sure your oven racks can withstand the weight.


Glass is not a common material for frying pans, but many glass casserole dishes can be used on the hob. Make sure any piece you use has no wood or plastic handles.


More common ceramic pans are similar to heat-resistant glass, in that they can withstand both hob and oven heat. Pans made entirely of ceramic are generally safe, but ceramic pans with metal or plastic handles have to be specially constructed with ovens in mind. Some ceramic frying pans have detachable handles for use in ovens.

Oven Pans

Many metal frying pans are made to withstand oven cooking. It's hard to tell by simply looking at them, but most are thicker and sturdier than other pans. Consult the manufacturer's instructions to see if a pan is oven-safe. These pans may be made of metal alone or may have a heat-resistant silicone surface.

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