Birthday Gifts for Nine-Year-Old Girls

Updated March 23, 2017

While 9-year-old girls are too old for the youthful toys appropriate for toddlers and early school-age children, they are not yet old enough for the things that commonly fill tween and teen birthday packages. Getting a gift for someone of this age means striking a balance between youthful and mature. To ensure that your gift fits the bill, consider the interests of the girl in question and select a present suited to her preferences.

Dancing Game

If the little girl for whom you are selecting a present enjoys dancing to some tunes or takes formal dance lessons, a dancing game may prove the perfect present. Purchase a dancing game for a video game console that she already has or, if seeking a larger gift, buy her a new video game system along with a dance-themed game.

Kid-Friendly Digital Camera

Give your gift recipient a present she can use to capture the excitement of her birthday and beyond. Buy her a digital camera intended for use by kids. Seek a camera that will stand up to the drops that it will likely endure to ensure that your gift is a long-lasting one.

Math-Themed Game

Make your birthday gift the perfect mixture of fun and education by buying your gift recipient a math-themed game. Select a suitable game that requires the use of math skills yet is still enjoyable for your recipient. For example, a mall-themed game that requires players to budget and spend money would likely do the trick.

Craft Kit

If the little girl for whom you are seeking a birthday gift is the crafty type, a craft kit will make her birthday even more special. Find a kit that has everything that the recipient needs to create friendship bracelets, a purse or a bedroom decor item. For a similar gift that goes one step further, try buying her admission to a crafting class at a local craft store or art school, after asking her parents' permission of course.


Though your young gift recipient does not have anything vitally important to tote with her, she may still want the big-girl feel of a purse. Buy your gift recipient a youthful purse into which she can slip her prized possessions. Look for a purse that is different from the rest and specifically reflective of the recipient's likes. For example, if she is a big fan of flowers, look for one with a busy floral print.

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