Hobby Lobby Wood Carving Tools

Updated July 20, 2017

Hobby Lobby began its retail operations in 1964. The company sell radio-controlled model vehicles as a main line of business, and also stock other related products. This stock includes a range of tools, which model makers can use as part of their hobby. For those who produce models in wood, Hobby Lobby has a number of woodcarving tools.

Balsa Planer

The design of the balsa planer enables it to shape balsa wood by planing with and across the grain. Produced in Germany, the tool features a precision manufactured aluminium body with replaceable, double-edged razor blades doing the planing work. A full width steel clamp holds the blade securely in place, with some adjustment of the blade extension possible to allow the setting of this to suit the requirements of a job. The size of the planer makes it suitable for working on smaller pieces of balsa wood, with the tool and blade having a width of around 2 inches.

Super Reamer Tool

For those looking to carve holes in wood, the super reamer tool has a design that can effectively do this. The tool has a hardened steel tip, which tapers in size from a 1mm to a 14mm diameter. Its use therefore enables the drilling of holes in this range of diameters through balsa or other thin wood pieces, and the steel tip has a shape designed to reduce the chances that the tool will tear the wood. The super reamer comes fitted with a carbon fibre handle, and has a protective cover for the tip to reduce the chances of damage while in storage.

Balsa Stripper

Using the balsa stripper tool enables model makers to carve their own balsa wood strips and shapes. The tool comes in a set with a few different items. These include the blades that do the carving work, a 36-inch-long aluminium guide channel for cutting accurate straightedges, and a template, which can precisely cut a variety of shapes. Carving strips and shapes from a piece of balsa wood tends to be more cost effective than buying them pre-cut -- one of the advantages of the tool.

Razor Saw Set

The razor saw set from Hobby Lobby comprises three separate pieces, including one handle and two saw blades, and these blades can shape and cut wood. The blades are interchangeable, and the handle has a simple tightening mechanism to secure a blade in place after insertion. The saw blades feature different dimensions, with the larger of the two better suited to broader cuts and the smaller blade more appropriate for finer, precision cuts.

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