Thoughtful homemade gifts for mom for her birthday

Updated February 21, 2017

Give your mom the gift of love for her birthday. Most moms have more than enough perfume, candles, coffee mugs and pretty figurines. One thing she's sure never to have too much of, however, is love. This year, give her a homemade gift she's sure to treasure long after the birthday celebration is over.

Gifts of Words

Giving the gift of words is perhaps the easiest and most thoughtful homemade gift you can give your mom. Write her a heartfelt letter, and send it in the mail. Or, type up a poem thanking her for being a wonderful parent. Use pretty stationery and frame it in a matching frame. If you have siblings, enlist them to participate in the gift of words. Ask them each to write a similar letter or poem, and include theirs in the gift package. Then, wrap it up and give it to her. Be sure to have tissues handy.

Gifts of Service

Take over some of your mom's traditional duties. Hand-make a "gifts of service" coupon book for your mom this year. If her birthday is in the spring, create a coupon for spring cleaning, or, perhaps, for planting bedding plants in her garden. Then, embark immediately on the chore so that she knows you will keep your word. Or, put together a gardening basket with some bedding plants, a trowel and new gardening gloves, and slip the coupon inside. If her birthday is during the holidays, offer to do some of the Christmas decorating, outdoors or indoors. Organising the closets or cleaning a basement or attic are also good service gifts.

Gifts of Food

Moms are usually the cooks in the family. This year, return the favour. Whip her up a special gourmet meal in honour of your birthday. Tell her to invite a date to dinner. Set the table with candles and a large bouquet of roses, and spoil her and her date. If you aren't a chef, make baking easier for her by combining ingredients in jars. A jar can hold the dry ingredients for making chocolate chip cookies, for example. Wrap a pretty ribbon around the jar, and attach a birthday card. If your mom is very busy, an even more thoughtful gift might be to arrange already-prepared meals to be delivered to her home, perhaps for the duration of the week of her birthday. Make a handmade gift token to go along with this gift.

Other Homemade Gifts

Photos are always a huge hit with most mothers. Take a picture of you and your siblings, then put it into a personalised frame. Give the frame a homemade touch by decorating it yourself. Have each sibling sign the frame, for example, or use hot glue to attach silk flowers or other decorative items to the edges of the frame. This gift idea is not only thoughtful, but sentimental as well. If you can knit, make mom a warm, cosy pair of socks, mittens, a scarf or hat. Choose quality yarn in her favourite colours. She'll appreciate the time you put into making the gift. If you can sew, make her a simple throw pillow. Choose fabric to complement the colours in her bedroom or bed, and then embroider or stitch words of love on the pillow. This could be a prayer, quote or simple message. Your mom will smile and remember your thoughtfulness each time she sits with that pillow.

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