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Updated February 21, 2017

When students reach their junior and senior year in high school, it is an American tradition to hold a prom, or formal dance. Some proms are held at the high school, while others are hosted at off-site locations. As in many other aspects of high school, "style" and how you arrive at the prom are very important. Students tend to rent high-end rides to enhance their experience for the evening.


One of the most popular options for travelling to the prom is to take a limousine. There are different size and style limousines, but generally they hold between six and 12 people. The advantage is that the couples or individuals can split the price of the ride. Limo companies tend to have rules associated with their rental. There might be a four-hour minimum. You will also probably need to pay a nonrefundable deposit to rent the limo, with the balance due a couple of days before the event. Finally, some limo companies require parental signatures that students will not partake in drugs or alcohol while in the limo. To save money on the limousine, have them pick up and drop off your friends from one location. This saves time from the limo driving from house to house.

Party Buses

Party buses are smaller versions of buses that can host about 10 to 40 people. Generally the seating is in the round so both sides of the bus are facing one another. Party buses sometimes have amenities such as disco balls and dance poles in the middle of their floor. Like limousines, you will need to put down a nonrefundable deposit, you might have to rent the party bus for a minimum of hours, and you may have to have parental waivers signed. The cost to rent a party bus is greater per hour than a limo, but you will have more people splitting the bill.

Borrow a Car

If your car is not exactly the thing you want to be pulling up to prom in, then you can borrow a car from a friend or family member. Maybe they have a late model European vehicle, or a car that has been tricked out with great rims and an amazing sound system. There are a couple of things to keep in mind however, before you simply take the keys. First, make sure you are comfortable driving that car. If you want to borrow a car with 450 horsepower under the hood, it might be a little different than what you are used to driving. Also, if the car is standard, make sure you know how to drive stick. Finally, the most important thing is that your insurance covers you to drive another vehicle, and the insurance of the owner has coverage that allows other people to drive his vehicle. Without both coverages in place, this should not be a prom travel option.

Friend or Relative Chauffeur

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to get to prom, you can always have a friend or family member drive you to the location. It might not be as cool as the people who take a limo or party bus, but once you arrive, everyone will be at the same party anyway. Also, if you have a good friend who is going to the prom with a decent car, see if you can ride with him. Offer to pay for the gas of the friend or relative who is driving you.

Horse-Drawn Carriage

If the location of the prom is in an urban setting where there are horsedrawn carriages to rent, then you can hire a carriage to take you to your prom. Call ahead to make the reservation so you are not waiting in line on the day. Most likely you will need to drive to the location of the horse-drawn carriage, park and then take the ride to the prom. Speak with the owner of the horse-drawn carriage company to see exactly how far the horse can bring you. It might only be a mile or two at most, depending on the horse and road conditions.

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