Will Using Dehumidifier Get Rid of Mold in a Room?

Updated February 21, 2017

Dehumidifiers serve the purpose of reducing the level of relative humidity in the air. High humidity is a leading contributor to mould growth, since mould spores require moisture. A dehumidifier can prevent mould from activating by keeping an area dry, but if mould already has overtaken a particular room, a dehumidifier can aid in the removal process.

Dehumidifier Benefits

A dehumidifier can dry out a room by drawing the moist air inward and trapping the liquid. If a room has active mould, it also must have a presence of moisture. By eliminating the moisture, you eliminate the ability of the mould to produce nutrients, thereby rendering it dormant. Place the dehumidifier near the mould-affected area and select a high power setting. Allow the device to run until the room dries completely.

Dehumidifier Limitations

While a dehumidifier can render mould inactive by drying the air, it cannot remove the mould itself. As the moisture disappears, the mould will remain on surfaces in a dormant state. In other words, the mould will lack the necessary conditions to emit toxins or spread, but it can still reactivate at a later time if moisture should return. Dried mould may appear sandy, crusty or weblike.

Removing Mold Permanently

If you want to completely remove the mould and eliminate the risk of a later recurrence, first apply an anti-mold agent to your dried surface. You can use household bleach or peroxide diluted with 4 parts water, or use undiluted distilled vinegar or lemon juice. Pour your liquid into a spray bottle and mist it over the inactive mould. Wait 10 to 15 minutes, use a second spray bottle to rinse with water, wipe the surface and then dry completely.

Preventive Maintenance

Although a dehumidifier cannot completely remove mould on its own, it can prevent new mould spores from activating. On humid days, run your dehumidifier to maintain low relative humidity. Mold risk dramatically increases when relative humidity exceeds 60 per cent, and you can measure your exact humidity level by installing a relative humidity sensor. When levels begin inching above 60 per cent, just turn on your dehumidifier.

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