Kids Games for 6 and 8 Year Olds

Written by sarah kleven
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Kids Games for 6 and 8 Year Olds
Bust boredom with creative twists on familiar games suitable for school-age kids. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Grade-school kids are an active and energetic set, but an old-fashioned game of Duck, Duck, Goose might not capture their overactive imaginations like it once did. Fortunately, new twists on classics games have been invented. With some instruction, a group of grade-school kids can channel their energy and learn to play cooperatively in no time.

Giants, Wizards, Elves

This updated Rock, Paper, Scissors game makes use of trendy characters common in grade-school literature: giants, wizards and elves. Giants beat wizards, wizards beat elves and elves beat giants. However, rather than just using their hands, this game requires kids to use their entire bodies. To be a giant, kids raise their arms over their heads. To be a wizard, kids form a triangle with their arms over their heads to resemble a wizard's hat. To be elves, kids emulate elf ears by putting their hands next to their ears with their index fingers extended.

Blob Tag

Several versions of this game exists for those looking to spice up the original version that finds one kid chasing others in hopes of tagging or touching one another. One kid is "it" and runs around trying to tag another. In Blob tag, every time the "it" kid tags someone, they join hands to form a blob. The blob then must move together to chase and tag another person as a team. This continues until only one player is left.

Kids Games for 6 and 8 Year Olds
Blob tag is a new, more cooperative version of the classic tag game. (Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Snail hopscotch

Kids can take their chalk to concrete and redefine the shape of hopscotch with Snail hopscotch. A circular shape is drawn similar to a snail's shell. In the middle of the shell is a circle labelled "home." The rest of the snail's shell is divided and numbered into as many spaces as kids desire. To play, a child hops on one foot through the entire snail's shell, ending by landing with two feet in "home." If the child does this without stepping on a line, they write their initials in any space of their choosing. No other kid is allowed to land in an initialled space. The game ends when no one can reach "home." Whoever has the most initialled spaces wins.

Kids Games for 6 and 8 Year Olds
Kids might enjoy hopscotch with a twist called Snail hopscotch. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Bottle Bowling

Bring bowling home with this twist on the recreational game. Bottle bowling can be played indoors or outdoors. It features teams of kids racing to see which team can knock down the most bottles first. To play, line up empty two-liter plastic bottles in a row. Small balls, such as tennis balls or ping-pong balls, are used by both teams to knock down the bottles. The team that knocks down the most bottles in a set amount of time wins.

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